Thank you to KESAB, Adelaide Hills Council and East Waste for providing a KESAB Waste & Recycling tour on Wednesday, 29th November.

This free tour started with pick up here at the Hills Environment Centre, and included a visit to:

  • YCA Recycling for tricky recycling items
  • Electronic Recycling Australia for electronic and other tricky recycling
  • IWS site driving tour for commercial and household specialty drop-offs
  • IWS for blue-lidded landfill bin
  • Lunch at sustainable cafe My Grandma Ben: Plant 4

Recycling can get confusing and although most of us are trying to do our best, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest information. I shall be posting a lot of this useful information gained from the tour on our Recycling Page very soon! HEC | Recycling Hills Environment Centre (hecinc.org.au)

We hope to run another tour next year so stay tuned!


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Towards cooler, greener, wilder: a seminar series with Green Adelaide 

Towards cooler, greener, wilder: a seminar series with Green Adelaide.
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