About HEC

About HEC

Staffed by a Coordinator and volunteers, we provide a diverse range of services and information resources for landholders, local residents, community groups, individuals, and students.

Since opening in 2004, HEC has become a focal point for the community to access the latest environmental information and advice, resources and equipment. We are co-located with the Summit Community Centre providing a comprehensive range of services to the local community.

HEC is a not-for-profit organisation funded by Green Adelaide.

Management Committee

The HEC Management Committee (MC)  are volunteers from the community who enjoy positive and friendly bimonthly meetings. Every member is respected for their different experiences, knowledge and ideas and participation in events such as the Hills Harvest Exchange and the Sustainability Fair. The MC also assists with workshops throughout the year aligning to our HEC Strategic Plan‘s concepts for care of the environment and sustainability. A significant role of the MC is supporting the employment of the Coordinator of the HEC.

The MC is responsible for among other things, closely connecting with the local community and gaining access to fresh ideas and suggestions. This information is reflected in our core documents e.g. the Strategic and other Management Plans.

The current committee members are: Andrew Davidson, Chairperson (Summertown), Rachel Teesdale-Smith, Secretary (Woodside), Sean Wessex Brown (Bridgewater), Rob Hall (Kersbrook), Linda Builth (Montecute) and Frank Banks (Erindale). 


The Coordinator works under the direction and support of the Management Committee to achieve the Centre’s goals and objectives. Elaine Anderson is our new Coordinator, appointed in February 2023 and is responsible for the delivery of programs and services, hosting community forums, running the Hills Environment Centre, curating and sharing environmental and sustainability information and supporting community action to care for and manage the environment.

The Coordinator is supported by a team of volunteers who assist with the daily management of the Centre, developing and running new projects, updating resources and information and helping with events. For further information ring Coordinator, Elaine Anderson on 0405 527 610 or email her at coordinator@hecinc.org.

Message From Our HEC Coordinator

Niina marni,

We are so fortunate to live in an extraordinary environment here in the Adelaide Hills with such striking beauty and diversity. The Mount Lofty Ranges is one of Australia’s 15 federally listed ‘biodiversity hotspot’, where a high variety of locally native flora and fauna species survive. More than 450 native fauna species have been recorded from the Mount Lofty Ranges region, including more than 75% of the bird species recorded within South Australia, and approximately 1,500 native plant species.

However, biodiversity has declined significantly since European settlement. This is a result of extensive land clearing and the introduction of pest species and disease. Currently, only 10% of native vegetation remains and the landscape is now highly fragmented with only 22% of this land formally managed for conservation purposes.

Here at the HEC, I am passionate about sharing information and supporting landholders and volunteer groups to restore and conserve this precious biodiversity. I am also passionate about us learning from the original owners of this land, the Kaurna and Peramangk people, about how we can best manage, protect and create deep connection and respect for Country.

Furthermore, I am passionate about bringing our community, and in particular youth & children, back into connection with nature. Connection creates empathy and motivation for action and is vital for wellbeing and health.

I look forward to developing programs that support our community and our beautiful natural environment. Please be in touch and let me know of any ideas and inspiration you may have.

Contact us or pop into the centre for a chat or to use our extensive collection of resources.


Elaine Anderson

HEC Coordinator