HEC Recycling

Household Batteries | Light Bulbs | Mobile Phones | Dental Products | Pill Blister Packs | Printer Cartridges

HEC provides some recycling facilities as a service to the community.

Recycling Tips

  • Did you know that your old sneakers can be taken to Athletes foot where the rubber soles are recycled into rubber mats?
  • Paint tins can be recycled but they MUST be empty.

Household Batteries

Most batteries contain harmful chemicals that are leached into the soil from landfill. Bring them into HEC to be recycled.

Household Lightbulbs

There are not so many coming in as we change to LED. We collect them to take to hardware stores that accept light bulbs.

Pill Blister Packs

We collect blister packs that we can then transport to participating pharmacists involved in the recycling scheme.

Dental Products

We collect old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes that we can then transport to participating dental practices involved in the recycling scheme

Printer Cartridges

We collect used printer cartridges that are recycled by Planet Ark