HEC Quiet Green Achievers

Do you know someone who lives a sustainable lifestyle, is an environmental volunteer or encourages others to be more environmentally aware?

The HEC wants to hear about these inspirational people who actively support environmental health in their community and do so without seeking recognition or compensation.

Who is eligible?

For example, the nominee could be involved in

  • a land care group
  • a community garden or a school kitchen garden       
  • creating habitat in their own backyard, community or workplace
  • recycling
  • upcycling
  • creating reusable products
  • encouraging sustainable communities

53 people have received awards over the past eight years and we know there are many more in the community who should be celebrated on World Environment Day.

Quiet Green Achievers Nomination Form

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Hills Environment Centre QGA 2023

Quiet Green Achievers 2023

David Bacon, Rachel Teesdale-Smith, Luke Humphreys, Val Hunt, Stirling East Primary School (YELP group)

The Quiet Green Achievers missing from this photo are Archer Treharne, Indie, Lily, Georgina and Daniel Mollison and Tanya Schroeder.

Quiet Green Achievers 2022

Danny Rohlach, Adam Francis, Branko Soda, Phil Smyth, Erin Abell, Lucy Francis

HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2022
HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2021

Quiet Green Achievers 2021

Barb Hahesy, Marc O’Conaill, Neville Davies, Trevor Kerber, Guerilla Gardeners

Peter Geers, Katrina Allen, Sue Mc Nicol, Kim Reef, Margeurite Carson, Tom and Christine Feinle-Bisset, Sandy Edwards, Lois Addison, Anne Tonkin, Sue Campbell, Sebastian Geers, Claire Bossley, Kay Lawrence, Sue and Sandy MacGregor

Quiet Green Achievers 2020

Andrew Davidson, Libby E Warburton, Lew and Jo Brickhill, Oreste Farrugia, Reg Clarke

HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2020
HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2019

Quiet Green Achievers 2019

Carolyn Biggs, David & Sue Jarvis, Della Rowley, Peter Sharley, Hugh & Wendy Stewart Ann Taylor, Tony Vincent, Sean Wessex-Brown

Quiet Green Achievers 2018

Billy-Jo Brewer, Debbie Thomson, Glynn Liebelt, John Fleming, Russel Dahms, Tamara Dandridge

HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2018

Quiet Green Achievers 2017

Jacqui Dekker, Jon Radford, Henry Short

Quiet Green Achievers 2016

Paul Farmer, Elaine Howson, Gabriel Emil Lugg-Restall, Margaret Redfern, Richard Wallace

HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2015
HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2014

Quiet Green Achievers 2015

Lois & Dave Addison, Sue Campbell, Carlsa Carter, Tabitha Eades, Delma & Peter Geers, Jim Stratmann

Quiet Green Achievers 2014

Andrew Crompton, Jenny Deans, John Hammersmith, Anne & Phil Hicks, Brian Knill, Liz Milner

Plant ID Trip
HEC Quiet Green Achievers 2013

Quiet Green Achievers 2013

Lisa Brinkley, Don Cranwell, Roger Fidler, Doug Fletcher, Jude & Brett Haywood, Barbara Stringer, Jean & Ray White