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Bugs may be very small, but they pack a mighty punch in our world! According to Kristin Messenger, founder of BugsnSlugs and environmental educator, animals without backbones (invertebrates )  “make up 99% of animal diversity.”  

That is awesome.

Hills Environment Centre bugged some local photographers to submit some photographs. Here are the results.

Marianne Broug explains her love of bugs this way. “In 2019 I was given a camera. It wasn’t a fancy camera. In 2019 I was also introduced to a South Australian based nature group by an acquaintance who saw my photo of two moths mating. I bought myself a macro lens and the rest is history. Something ignited in me that I could not have predicted. I felt that I was doing what I was ” ‘meant’ to do.” Marianne also created the photo of the Damselfly Nymph which is the hero image of this page (see above).

Lily Gubbin tells us that she has been interested in photography since she was young, “before I got my camera (Nikon Coolpix B600), I would use my iPad to take photos of nature. I have always been so fascinated by the smaller details in life and photography is an amazing way for me to capture that.”

Francis Elmendorf sees that “Beauty is everywhere, in creatures both big and small, but it is not always apparent. Spotting it sometimes requires a certain lens.”

The Spiked Citrus Bug damages lemons causing fruit loss and can cause significant damage in southern citrus growing regions. Companion plants like marigolds, basil, and tansy can help repel the pesky bugs if planted under citrus trees. Otherwise, you can encourage beneficial insects like ladybugs and parasitic wasps, which are natural predators.

So, what are the skills they share in common? Post an answer in the comments. Thank you, Marianne, Lily, and Francis, for sharing your great work with us.

Beautiful Bugs

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